I have always enjoyed rummaging around antique and bric-a-brac shops,
and decided to start collecting , A PRESENT FROM , plates in 1983 .

It was a couple of years before I became interested in the canals , and
discovered the connection with the traditional boatmans cabin .

The first plate bought , in Jersey , in the April was from Hartlepool , and
cost £12 . (The most I have paid is £18 ) .



I used to visit the Channel Islands four times a year on business and
collected 13 plates from there , obviously the Islanders visited England ,
and took home plates as presents , mainly of south coast towns-resorts .



I now have a collection of  87 plates , representing 62 different locations,
some doubles and trebles , only two identical pairs , and four of one pattern
but different locations .Most are 8 to 9 inch size with ten at about 7 inch .


The pictures show some of the collection . I am now running out of
available wall space in my dining room .