25th MAY   to   30th JUNE  2002.

                      This journey took a bit of forward planning, as it was to involve my son Lee, (for a holiday), 
  on the journey to London. My friends Ellen and John ( also for a holiday ) on the return to Newbury,
  and passing through Teddington lock to suit the tide times needed for a passage to, and later from 
  Brentford. I also wanted to do a single handed trip onto the Lee and Stort Navigation.

                     My friends Ellen and John live close to the Grand Union canal, Paddington arm at Northolt
  and I pre-booked mooring at the nearby Willowtree Marina, to spend time with them. And they kindly 
  drove me home one day to check the post etc. and lent me a car another day.

  25th May to 1st June.           Newbury to Willowtree Marina.

                    A most enjoyable eight days, with no problems. The weather not that good ( whats new ? )
  some very heavy showers, but never had wet clothes to store overnight.We stopped overnight at 
  Aldermarston, Reading, Henley, Maidenhead, Windsor, Chertsey, and of course Teddington for a 
  7-00 am locking on Sat 1st June. Ellen and John met us at Hanwell flight bottom lock, and Ellen drove
  Lee home, while John crewed onto Willowtree. Ellen's daughter Susan and her children Ben and Hayley
  also joined in.

     2cnd June to 7th June.               At   Willowtree Marina.

  Given a nice mooring, and the facilities are first class. Toilets, showers, laundry, bistro and bar, and
  good security with very helpfull and friendly staff. On arrival I had the diesel topped up and a pump out.

            On Tues 4th June with Ellen, John, Susan and Hayley we did a return trip to Cumberland basin,
  Regents canal, via Little Venice and Regents Park ( through London Zoo ). The Queen's Jubilee fly-past
  ( except Concorde and the Red Arrows ) went right over us on their return. Especially for us ? ( Dreaming
  again ? ).

             One thing that spoilt all the journeys along the Paddington Arm, Regents canal and Hertford
  Union canal was the amount of rubbish in the water, in particular plastic bags. I became vary adept at
  opening the weed hatch and clearing the prop. On one occasion just after entering Islington Tunnel,with
  a boat behind, and others waiting at the other end of this 960 yard tunnel. I broke all records then.

     8th June to 17th June.              Willowtree to Hertford and return, ( single handed ).

           Along the Paddington Arm, Regents canal, Hertford Union canal ( only 1.25 miles long ) and up
 the Lee & Stort Navigation to Hertford, the end of navigation on the river Lee. My cousin Jack and his
 wife Pam who live at St Albans, visited at Broxbourne, and after a pub lunch we went up two locks,
 they walked back to their car and I went on to Stanstead Abbotts.
           Not impressed with the lower end of the Lee Navigation, but it all improves above Enfield lock,
 and at Broxbourne and on is very pleasant.

           In both directions I stopped overnight at  London Canal Museum in Battlebridge Basin (pre-booked)
 Nice quiet, secure mooring, see picture in album, and the museum is well worth a visit.

   18th June to 23rd June.               Willowtree Marina.

           Relaxing in the marina, cleaning the boat inside and out, polished outside and did a bit of regular
 maintenance. Another pump out and diesel top up.

     24th June to 30th June.                Willowtree to Newbury.

           Set off with Ellen and John at 6-00 am to make sure we were at the Thames lock, Brentford for 
 1-15 pm locking onto the Thames, and with the tide to Teddington. Actually arrived at Brentford with
 1.5 hours to spare, but you never know.  A good trip to Newbury with nearly the same stops as before.
 Henley all geared up for the Regatta ( see album pics ).

           Now much busier on the Thames, with short delays at some locks, and moorings much more in
 demand. From Newbury I drove Ellen and John home, and on the way back to Newbury it rained, the 
 first all week.

           All together a good trip, my longest, a total of  269 miles, 180 locks, 24 swing bridges etc.